New Roofing

Roof — Hi Tech Roofing in Kilaben Bay, NSW
Home builders and owner builders in Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast are in no doubt - their preferred roofing company is Hi Tech Roofing. At Hi Tech Roofing, we have dedicated the past 3 decades to mastering the aspects of roofing that best fit the needs of residential, commercial and industrial property owners and developers in this part of the country.

From installation of your brand new Colorbond roof to installing custom skylights or whirlybirds (ventilators) to your existing roof, no job is too big or too small. Contact Hi Tech Roofing. Talk to the roofing experts today or email through plans for a free quote.

Replacing Roofing

The one thing you can't ignore is a roof in need of repair. In Australia - yes, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and Central Coast - a roof over your head will protect you against one of the world's most unforgiving climates.

Hi Tech Roofing can provide you with an appraisal of the health of your roof. We are licenced to replace tiles, asbestos and metal roofs. As with most things, it's better to act sooner than later. Call us today and have one of the friendly roofing experts from Hi Tech Roofing check your roof.
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Gutters & Downpipes

Flat Roof — Hi Tech Roofing in Kilaben Bay, NSW
Thousands of litres of rain water regularly drench the roofs of residential properties and commercial buildings throughout Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast. Hi Tech Roofing are the experts in making sure your gutters and downpipes are ready for any downpour. We can make sure the rainwater is diverted to your water tanks and drainage systems as specified.

We can also provide you with a quote for LeafFree gutter guard. This will save you time and money on your regular gutter maintenance. Contact Hi Tech Roofing for all your roofing and guttering needs.

Asbestos Removal

At Hi Tech Roofing, we can arrange to take care of asbestos removal in the approved safe manner, so that all danger during handling and disposal is averted. We are fully licenced and insured to undertake this work. This is not something you can take chances with.

Our process is to leave you with a water tight roof. Asbestos contractors come and take the entire roof off in one day, meaning your home can be exposed to the elements and vandals over night. Our company will only strip as much asbestos as they can get re-sheeted that day, leaving your home water tight and giving you peace of mind. Contact Hi Tech Roofing today and let the professionals safely deal with your asbestos concerns.
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